More facility owners are considering tennis courts constructed on post-tensioned concrete slabs since they are proving to be longer lasting and more resistant to fractures. Quality tennis court construction is a highly specialized area, and unless the crews working on your courtroom are utilized to doing it day in and day out, you are extremely likely to end up with driveway or parking lot standards, rather than tennis court caliber. It makes a great deal of sense to keep the services of a soils engineer (you experienced in tennis court construction) if planning to devote a court.

So if you are looking to build a brand-new tennis court on your residential property, or expecting to design a children recreational place for the local park, we’ve got you covered at Florida Courts. Mixing our highly trained employees and the use of laser equipment, enables us to provide quality court construction on an aggressive basis anywhere on earth.

If a prospective contractor for your court doesn’t willingly offer the ingredients of quality that go to a courtroom, or when his planned contract isn’t precise and easy to read with clear trimming specifications (the sort of record that you want to have in court), or if the contract does not give you some of the basic protections to which you’re entitled, you have a serious concern about whether you’ve got the ideal contractor.

On a recent court installment, the end retaining wall just had to be 5′ high (to retain soils), but we recommended that it be constructed at a height of 7′ with 3′ of fencing above. Constant mowing, routine feeding and protection from disease are major things in the upkeep of a grass court. Top-A-Court Tennis Company is one of tennis court contractors in the country that own a dedicated fleet of equipment specially adapted to meet the exacting specifications needed for court construction.

Laykold Masters offers indoor and outdoor tennis court surfacing materials offering durability, resistance to weather and immunity of fading to ultra violet rays. Website and Local Search Marketing Services for Basketball & Tennis Court Construction Business provided by RevLocal. Maintaining your court is one of the most essential things you can do in order to preserve its longevity.

Using a superior surface means less down time, longer vibrant/longer lasting colours and less cost in the future. Therefore, we also build a variety of acrylic color-coated hard tennis court solutions, such tennis court installation as shock-absorbing pillow and rug courts. After building, resurfacing and repairing over 6,000 tennis courts across Florida we’ve developed our own proprietary methods for many sport courts.

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