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Make peace with your past so you don’t ruin your present

This goes hand in hand with don’t take anything for granted. I have made peace with the fact that I wasn’t there more to see my grandmother and that her dying wasn’t my fault. If I hadn’t, my life right now would be extremely bitter. Since Enzo was born sleeping, I have made peace with his loss. Although I still struggle, I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason. Enzo had a purpose and I believe it was bringing both Pio and my family’s together. Especially me and my family. I have a love/hate relationship with my mom, and most of the times it’s more hate. But I try really hard not to hold grudges and let go because I know that I can’t change the type of mom or person she is. If I held onto the anger from losing loved ones, Enzo, or fighting with my mom I know that my current and present life would be ruined or at least, very bitter.

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