Euro size vinyl stacking containers, industrial grade appropriate for a broad range of storage and handling software. Euro containers are intended to match on European size 1200 x 800mm and 800 x 600mm wooden and plastic pallets , in addition to regular 1200 x 1000mm pallets. Many different professionals may use Euro piling containers, especially in environments where Euro pallets are already in use. When you look in the generally gray storage boxes, commonly called Euro Containers or even Euro Stacking Containers, they don’t seem like the very exciting things on the planet.

For instance, employees involved in receiving and shipping might make use of these containers. These robust plastic stacking containers are a versatile storage tray capable to resist the rigours of industrial applications euro pallet. Grocery store workers might also apply these containers when stocking and storing goods. A Euro container that is 600x400x290mm in dimensions and is out of our class leading euro container array.

We figured this technological experiment pretty much verifies that Exporta Global’s lattice bottomed Euro Containers would be the sturdiest, strongest euro containers on the market. The smooth, sealed surfaces of the Euro Containers stop the accumulation of dust and dirt and permit repeated washing and steam-cleaning.

It might be that for storage and freshness two of the largest companies on Earth have moved to solid and pliable sided and lidded Euro Containers. Euro containers are used as stackable boxes for several programs and are widely utilized in the catering business (they’re food quality), technology trade and in pubs and restaurants.

We are now able to offer ESD euro containers, with or without lids for customers who require ESD protection from their plastic boxes. Shipping and receiving areas of any merchant or industrial setting could be an perfect location for using these containers. When you pair this with our   F-Crate, Bail Arm Crate and Picker Crate products we believe this puts us at the forefront of the food container market and enriches farther our Euro Container range.

The design also helps maintain a constant product temperature during transit and storage and so that the containers are ideal for fridges and freezers. By incorporating vented containers into the range we’ll be catering for precisely this kind of problem, emphasized above, and will add a number of products to our meals range.

Our euro piling containers could be tailored to suit your requirements with lids , inner dividers , label clips and personalised printing. The Euro Box Kits are available in 3 widths ( 915 , 1220 and 1525 mm) along with an assortment of Euro Box mixes. The Ventilated Euro Stacking Containers are likewise impervious to moisture and also gain from a ventilated construction.

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